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Although your local dealer is an experienced source for information regarding fountains and statuary.. We are committed to provide dealers and their customers with the best customer experience. Please send us an e-mail from the Contact Us page if you did not find your answer on this page.

Fiore Stone, Inc. offers a one year manufacturer's warranty facilitated by the dealer. Replacements and/or warranty orders are placed with authorized retailers. In all cases we require pictures or inspection of the item(s) to identify the item as well as the color and to ensure the products is determined defective under the limited warranty policy. Warranty items are offered F.O.B. our factory in North Las Vegas, Nevada. Freight charges are covered only when the replacement(s) are shipped on a routine delivery to the retailer/dealer. Generally, Fiore Stone currently ships qualified orders in about 10 to 14 weeks.

Manufacturers Warranty Document

A submersible pump, fountain assembly sheet, fittings as well as tubing are included for each of our self-contained fountain types. Contact your dealer if you did not receive all necessary pieces. Copies of assembly sheet are available under assembly instructions. Consider that all fountains can have some amount of over splash regardless of style or design and fountains will collect dirt and debris specifically from nearby trees. Placement location of any fountain is the sole responsibility and liability of the purchaser.

Fiore Stone produces three types of fountains and each have their own placement requirements.

PEDESTAL TYPE FOUNTAINS should be placed on a solid surface like concrete, brick pavers or an optional matching fountain skirt. Most pedestals are hollow inside and rain and/or sprinklers may erode the soil underneath, jeopardizing the fountain’s stability.

BASIN FOUNTAINS must be placed on a soft surface like sand or gravel. If a basin type fountain is to be installed on a hard surface like concrete or tile, a 1” to 1½” layer of sand must be applied over the surface. This will help with leveling by allowing the basin to settle and be completely supported, reducing the risk of possible stress fractures caused by the added weight of water and fountain components inside the basin. This sand should be grouted after the installation. Basins come in various sizes and shapes. Most basins have a 1” coupling (or hole) near the center that a rubber grommet fits in. The pump’s power cord runs through this, and out beneath the basin. Placing a sweep of minimum 1½” conduit or PVC underneath the basin from the center out to the edge or to the power source is a smart consideration. This will prevent major dismantling should the pump need to be replaced. Please consult an electrician regarding local code requirements.

-FRB/-FRG and -FKB/-FKG are basin style fountains however because they utilize a polyethylene plastic tub, the fountain components placed inside of the tub MUST be treated as "Pedestal" Type Fountains.

WALL FOUNTAINS - can be configured as either pedestal or basin style fountains. All wall fountains must have a solid vertical wall support such as a brick or stucco wall with studs (drywall or plywood will not provide adequate support). All wall fountains are recommended to be secured with a bracket to mount top components firmly to a wall structure. Generally wall fountains allow for the power cord to escape from behind between the wall and the fountain. Small hanging-style wall fountains need to be mounted using proper heavy duty attachments for the structure to which they are being mounted. Consult your local hardware store regarding hardware, weight of the item and your wall material.

Please keep fountain bowls filled to proper level to prevent major problems with the operation and health of the pump.

We want to make sure that your purchase will last and remain the accent in your landscape for many generations to come. To make this possible some consideration and preparation should be taken into account.

One of the characteristics of cured concrete is that it absorbs moisture. Water expands under freezing conditions and it is at this state that concrete, specifically near the surface, is at its weakest when facing freezing cold weather elements. Please take the following precautionary suggestions to prevent damage to your decorative concrete purchase. Frost disintegration occurs when water absorbed in concrete, freezes. Snow and ice accumulate inside basins, bowls and other cavities of your Fiore Stone product and during the day melts to absorb into the concrete.

Although our concrete mix is designed to have cold weather flexibility however the small pebbles of rock aggregate near the surface remain stationary. And so, when temperatures drop, there could be a potential for cured concrete to chip, pit and in some cases even crack.

Fiore Stone NEVER suggests Anti-freeze as a preventive measure to frost disintegration. Anti-freeze is a harmful product to humans, animals and wild life. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANTI-FREEZE in your fountain. It is recommended that decorative cast-stone items are protected from the frost disintegration and any cast-stone items that can be brought indoors should be stored and protected from weather elements. Some products are too heavy or complex to be moved and we suggest that they are covered with a moisture barrier. In doing so, we recommend that on the outer edges and lower portions moisture absorbent materials, such as moving blankets or towels, are placed to absorb any potential condensation that may occur during the transition from day to night.

As a rule of thumb when dealing with colder climates, concrete that is dry will cannot be harmed (in any way) by any natural temperature change no matter how drastic. Basins, pumps, pedestals, shells, pots, planters, urns, birdbaths other concrete components left outside and properly covered and prepared will survive any winter season as long as they do not stand in water. Pump removal is not required unless the plug or pipe that allows the power cords to move through components is the only available drain for water or condensation to potentially escape the properly covered item(s).

Please note that although Fiore Stone includes a pump with all our self-contained fountains, the pump purchased with your fountain may not have been supplied by Fiore Stone. Some dealers may also source pumps from other manufacturers.

Do keep fountain bowls filled to proper levels to maintain proper operation. It is not recommended that fountains are left running during the night or when not at home as the water level cannot be monitored. NEVER LET THE FOUNTAIN RUN DRY!!! Lack of water will destroy the submersible pump.

FIORE STONE WATER CLARIFIER - All water contains minerals which will remain whenever water evaporates, Also known as mineral deposits, these elements, over time, develop a white sheen covering the original finish. Do not use any abrasive that can damage the applied finish. To prevent mineral buildup, we highly recommend Fiore Stone Water Clarifier (AG-60). Only a few drops per gallon of Fiore Stone Water Clarifier every two to three weeks will prevent most fountain finished discoloration while also maintaining crystal clear water.

Fiore Stone Water Clarifier is great at keeping water clear and algae free up-to ambient temperatures of around 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When temperatures exceed 90 degrees or when existing water turns murky, we highly recommend supplementing the water treatment with Fountain Block. Available in a two- or six-pack, when placed near the pump, this tablet will immediately keep water clear for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Both products are eco-friendly and safe for pets and wildlife when used as directed. Plus, not only do you help conserve, you will prolong the beauty and attractiveness of your water feature for the human inhabitants of your garden as well. Lack of treatment can damage the fountain surface and even clog the pump causing it to overheat and burn out.

NEVER USE HARSH CHEMICALS! - Bleach, chlorine or other harsh chemicals will break down limestone carbonite, the chemical process that binds cement and can severely damage the surface of the concrete typically around areas around moving water and the underside of bowls.

FOUNTAIN PLACEMENT - All fountains can have some amount of splash. Consider, shade, falling debris from nearby trees and possible plant damage due to an excess of water caused by splash. Placement of any fountain is the sole responsibility and liability of the purchaser.


CAUTION: Excessive weight or pressure on any of the fountain bowls or other sections may cause it to fall. Most fountains have no interlocking parts and are held together by gravity only. Gluing or cementing parts together is not recommended as you may want to dismantle the parts to service your fountain or move it.


Question: Do I need a water supply for the fountain?

Answer: No – the fountain is self-contained and the water is circulated by a submersible pump.

Question: Does the pump use a lot of electricity?

Answer: No – about the same as a light bulb.

Question: Can I order this fountain in a different color?

Answer: Yes – most dealers can accommodate special orders. Speak with the store manager about lead-times. Fiore Stone ships qualified orders within 10 to 14 weeks.

Question: Do I need to use chemicals to treat the water?

Answer: Yes – Clean water is obviously the best way to maintain a beautiful water feature. Recommended AG-60 Fiore Stone Water Clarifier and AG-134 Fountain Block to minimize the buildup of mineral deposits often found in hard water and prevent algae growth. Positively NEVER use Chlorine, Bleach, chlorides, sulfates and/or "soft" or distilled water as an algaecide or water treatment. Products like Bleach, Chlorine and/or Hydrogen Peroxide can dissolve Limestone/Calcium Carbonate the ingredient of cement critical for binding concrete.

Question: Can pieces be ordered individually should a component need replacement?

Answer: Yes – Your dealer can specify each component of any fountain. Each component piece is identified online and in our dealer catalog and weights and sizes are available.

Question: Can the design of a fountain be changed?

Answer: Components can be configured to alter the fountain style. However, because all pieces are cast from molds individual designs can not be altered.

Question: Is there a warranty?

Answer: Yes – Fiore Stone, Inc. offers a one year limited warranty on all concrete and pump products. Inquire with your dealer if the pump offered is was indeed supplied by Fiore Stone. Some dealers carry their own line of pumps. All Warranties are provided to the dealer and in turn extended to the consumer.

Question: Can my fountain withstand freezing temperatures?

Answer: Yes, as long as it is dry. Fountains need to be emptied and covered with plastic or a waterproof tarp to prevent freezing and possible pitting of the surface caused by absorbing in the surface of the concrete.

Question: Why should I purchase a Fiore Stone fountain?

Answer: Fiore Stone, Inc. - the manufacturer of Al’s Garden Art is proud to offer over 50 years in designing decorative cast-stone fountains and statuary. The Al's Garden Art brand is one of the most sought after in the lawn & garden industry and Fiore Stone, Inc. is committed to providing its dealers and their clients with the best customer experience.

Question: How do I refinish my fountain?

Answer: All water contains minerals which remain whenever water evaporates and will, over time, build up leaving a visible white residue when these areas are dry. In these early stages and for the majority of finishes, this residue can be prevented by using AG-60 Fiore Stone Water Clarifier regularly. Never use an abrasive scrubbing brush or sponge!! Left untreated, the salts and minerals can deteriorate the finish and cement surfaces of decorative concrete which can be refinished. Fiore Stone, Inc. offers numerous colors and we recommend identifying the specific color by way of our "color samples" at where we identify all of our colors in more detail and offer refinishing materials used to create all of our finishes

Is there enough water in the fountain?

Many fountains require a full water level to operate properly or at minimum to keep the pump submerged. Failing to keep the pump submerged while it is operational can cause catastrophic harm to the pump

Is the vinyl tubing kinked, blocking the water flow?<

Did the circuit breaker go off?

Is there debris, leaves, mineral buildup, etc. blocking the intake to the pump?

Is there an “airlock” in the pump?

Plug and unplug the pump several times to clear it or pour water into the tubing.

Is the propeller in the pump turning?

Consult manufacturer’s directions for servicing supplied with the pump.

Possible leakage?

To check for leaks, fill the fountain without operating the pump. If you do not see water around the base, it might be splash out on a windy day or a thirsty pet!

Excess splash?

In some cases water clings to lips or spillways, causing water to fall erratically. Applying a small amount of clear silicone at those points where water is designed to fall could help water release from the lip in a continuous pour and reducing splash. Simply place a small amount of silicone on your finger and lightly apply while pulling down and away, creating an up-side-down teardrop for water to follow.

Never allow water collected in your fountain to freeze.

Each fountain supplied by Fiore Stone includes all the appropriate tubing and fittings needed for each specific design. Please check with your dealer to make sure these items are provided when you take receipt of your fountain. Many of our accessories, including pumps, tubing, touch-up paint can be ordered online at

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